Eggroll, European style

hunkin' HUGE eggroll dissected, er, eaten in Venray, The Netherlands
When my wonderful friend that I was staying with in Venray (The Netherlands) suggested that we have eggrolls for dinner, I was a bit skeptical. Surely she knew my appetite was typically bigger than appetizer-size, especially after not eating since lunch!

But wow, those wacky Dutch! To the right you can see just what their idea of an eggroll is. When was the last time YOU saw an eggroll that fills up an entire good-sized plate?!?



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One response to “Eggroll, European style”

  1. Harald Avatar

    Yes, we’re very wacky. Venray,huh. That’s quite near where I’m from.

    Brabanders are the best people. I’ve never met a Brabo I couldn’t get along with.

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