Candy man

Candy, candy everywhere!

This picture shows my crazy candy purchasing from Germany from Christmastime 2001, but this year was much the same… perhaps even worse. Over $80 worth of candy. Just don’t tell mama, er, don’t tell my dentist!

So WHY do I bring so much chocolate back from Europe twice yearly? That’s easy!

1) It’s GOOD chocolate! Once you try European chocolate, you’ll never go back to (ugh!) Hershey’s crap.
2) It’s not that expensive when you buy it in Europe. An entire pack of Hanuta (a 12’er) is $1.43 at the Walmart in Germany. That’s just 12 cents per delightfully delicious chocolate wafer cookie.
3) It’s a great way to make new friends ;-). Trust me, I’ll have a sack-full of Hanutas when I go dancing this week, and for every charming follow I dance with, there’ll be a little chocolate offering.

Regarding #3, I have experience in this area, and I’ve also learned an important lesson. Witness this pivotal conversation from last year:

BEAUTIFUL GIRL: Hey, I remember you! You’re the one who gave me that vodka chocolate.
ME, BLURTING STUPIDLY: Uh, um… yeah, I gave that to lots of people. What’s your name again?

As Homer Simpson would say… D’oh!



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3 responses to “Candy man”

  1. Michele Timm Avatar
    Michele Timm

    Hi Adam,
    Your response to the “beautiful girl” made me laugh.  It is very cute.  Don’t worry, someday some great gal will get it =)

    I hope to catch up with you soon!

  2. Adam Avatar

    Yes, I’m looking forward to seeing you, too.  But now you won’t fall in love me when I give you candy :O

  3. giovana Avatar

    o anime e muito bom, o desenho entao e melhor ainda, eu choro toda vez que asisto, a pessoa que criou este anime teve muita criatividade porque este anime fala muito das coisas que acontesem na vida das pessoas, do amor, do rencor, do perdao, solidadidade, e tambem do preconceito, eu gosto muito e gostaria tambem ver um final melhor para a personagem, ela sofre muito a pesar de ser uma otima pessoa, nunca faz mal nem ao seu pior enemigo, gostaria mesmo e ver um final feliz.

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