’s got… food?!

Just when you thought couldn’t branch out any further… now they’re featuring Restaurant Menus for Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington D.C. Nothing technically brilliant here… just relatively clean scans of the restaurants’ menus. Also, the search for restaurants in/near an area code feature doesn’t seem to be working. But still,… Continue reading’s got… food?!

‘Cooking’ with Cans: Crispy-Spicy Tuna Salad

Too lazy to cook, too cheap to go out or order in, and out of frozen dinners… I came up with an ingenious, tasty, healthy, and inexpensive dinner tonight. Ingredients:– One packet of albacore tuna– One hardboiled egg (I recommend making these in batches ahead of time!)– Two tablespoons of any low-fat ranch-type dressing– Coursely… Continue reading ‘Cooking’ with Cans: Crispy-Spicy Tuna Salad

Candy man

Candy, candy everywhere! This picture shows my crazy candy purchasing from Germany from Christmastime 2001, but this year was much the same… perhaps even worse. Over $80 worth of candy. Just don’t tell mama, er, don’t tell my dentist! So WHY do I bring so much chocolate back from Europe twice yearly? That’s easy! 1)… Continue reading Candy man

Ja! I’m going to Deutschland!

I finally got my ticket ($249 roundtrip San FranciscoFrankfurt with a very special special!), and I’ll once again be spending Christmastime with wonderful friends in Germany. Of course, I can be a little cranky, and moan about the icky cold I’ll be facing, the insane hassles of peak-time holiday air travel (in coach, no less),… Continue reading Ja! I’m going to Deutschland!

Healthy onion sorta-rings!

I’ve learned that with a little perseverence and luck, it’s possible to make VERY tasty and healthy stuff to substitute for evil FFC (Fast Food Cravings). Tonight’s strange but wonderful dinner:– Salad with fresh greens, almonds, and raisins and lowfat ranch dressing– Baked crispy sweet potato chips and onion petals The salad is pretty self-explanatory.… Continue reading Healthy onion sorta-rings!

Flabby Meal

Perhaps this qualifies as a “duh!” discovery, but I think I’ve just gained additional insight into why Americans are so dang fat. Our society typically treats our kids like blubbering (literally) unsophisticates at mealtimes. Check out the “kids meals” at almost any eatery, and you’ll see:– lots and lots of fried stuff– red (and often… Continue reading Flabby Meal